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About Us

Daisy Chain Pre-School is a privately run organisation which was established in September 1999

and we have been providing quality childcare to the local community ever since. Until September

2011 we were located in the Scout Hut to the rear of the parish church. Children had regular

access to the adjacent public play park and sports field which we enhanced through

providing a variety of resources.


In September 2011 we became fully operational in our fantastic new shared purpose built setting

 working alongside the Children’s Centre and the 1st Chudleigh Scout Group. This was been made

 possible through funding released by Devon County Council. The new building allows DaisyChain

 Pre-School to continue providing high quality childcare to the growing local community.


With the new building we were presented with an exciting opportunity to extend our opening hours on 3 days per week. In order to meet the local community’s needs we completed a large number of Parent Consultations with Parents, Families and Carers. We then based the new hours on the feedback received.


DaisyChain Pre-school is registered on the Early Years Register and we accept children from two years old to school age. A maximum of 26 children may attend the pre-school at any one time with 12 spaces per session for 2 year olds. We are open during term times only; Monday to Friday.


At DaisyChain we aim to generate a warm, welcoming and secure learning environment. We foster positive relationships with children in order to meet their individual needs and work closely with parents/carers as the first and most important educators of their children. All children are provided with rich learning experiences which will support and encourage them to develop a positive sense of themselves and their abilities and those of others. We aim to ensure learning is effective, varied and progressive, we as practitioners recognise children develop at varying rates and we support each Child through their individual learning journeys.


In 2011 DaisyChain Pre-School signed the Personal Information Promise as a sign of our dedication to ensuring your data is protected. The Personal Information Promise is a clear statement that we value the personal information entrusted to DaisyChain Pre-School and will put the appropriate resources in place to look after these. It also sends a clear signal to the employees of DaisyChain Pre-School about the importance of looking after people’s personal information and that this is something taken very seriously.


Due to the move into the new Children’s Centre we have greatly enhanced all our policies and procedures, in particular the dropping off and collection policies.  In the near future we are looking to incorporate a password collection system. Each parent/carer will assign a collection password as part of the application process. Should the parent/carer not be able to collect their Child they will contact the setting asap to notify staff and when the person collecting the Child arrives they must present the password to a staff member.


We are also looking to introduce truly flexible funding on an hourly basis; this will allow parents/carers to access high quality childcare at times that will suit them.  


We are planning to incorporate a Summer Holiday fun club due to a growing demand within the local community. We will be consulting parents, carers and families in order to determine the care required. We will confirm dates and arrangements shortly.


We are now registered for wrap around care with Ofsted which will allow DaisyChain PreSchool to run the Hands on Holiday Club. Due to high demand this summer we decided run a pilot Holiday Club which has surpassed all expectations. The huge positive response we have received during the Holiday Club and through questionnaires has been fantastic, we would like to thank all of you whose children took part. We are looking into providing further Holiday Clubs and we will be looking for Parents from the community to voice their needs through consultations etc, this will ensure future Holiday Cubs will meet the needs of the whole community.

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