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Who are Ofsted and what do they do?

Ofsted regulates and inspects services for children, young adults and learners including those who provide childcare for children aged from birth up to school age. This helps to reassure you about the quality of childcare and nursery education experienced by your children.


What happens during an Ofsted inspection?

We are inspected by Ofsted at least every 3 years and have no notice as to when the inspection is to take place. The first we know is when we have a knock on our door and there they are! The inspector will spend time within the

pre-school observing what we do, they will ask to see our policies and procedures and will check to see that we really do as we say! They often check with staff that they understand the policies and that they are fully aware of their responsibilities. They spend time with the manager and look at our planning, Profiles and ILP's.

You might even be lucky enough to be one of the parents they choose to question on your experience of DaisyChain Pre-School!


An Ofsted inspection assesses the main strengths and any areas for improvement and covers;

•The welfare of the children being cared for

•Arrangements for safeguarding children

•The suitability of persons to care for, or be in regular contact with, children

•Qualifications and training

•The suitability and safety of premises and equipment

•How the childcare provision is organised

•Procedures for dealing with complaints


•Providing information to parents


The inspection is based around the question 'what is it like to be a child here?' and they make 4 key judgements under the following headings;

•How well does the setting meet the needs of children in the Early Years Foundation Stage?

•The effectiveness of leadership and management in the Early Years Foundation Stage

•The quality of provision in the Early Years Foundation Stage

•Outcomes for children in the Early Years Foundation Stage


After the inspection we have a confidential feedback session with the inspector and during this they inform us of the outcome of the inspection using the following grades;


•Outstanding: exceptionally high quality

•Good: strong

•Satisfactory: sound

•Inadequate: not good enough


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