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Transition from DaisyChain Pre-School to Primary School

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The transition from an early years setting into primary school is an important milestone in every child’s life. As dedicated early years practitioners we strive to ensure every child are confident learners as they enter school. This informational letter is to inform you of the high level of care your child is receiving through this time.

At DaisyChain we strive believe in providing the best possible care for your Child this includes their everyday needs and challenging and encouraging them to learn new skills with a variety of resources in an interactive learning environment. We embrace and closely follow the EYFS curriculum which clearly encourages all learning to be through play. Play is vital for children’s learning and development, play enables children to extend concepts, skills, attitudes and achievements.

We ensure at DaisyChain that Children are able to choose activities where they can engage with others children and adults or sometimes choose to play alone. During these activities children learn through firsthand experience. We allow sufficient time, space and choice with a wide range of activities, some of which have prepared by us based on individual children’s interests, learning styles and stages of development.

During the 2nd half of the summer term your Child will attend a number of transition visits. During these all of the children, including those at other preschools come along providing opportunity to for each Child to meet their new class friends and foundation stage teacher. Here the Children will engage in a variety of activities, some of which will be familiar e.g. the home corner, crafts, small world play. Key staff will attend all of the visits to offer support and reassurance if needed.

Through each child’s individual profile, the transition visits and meetings with practitioners from all preschools and the foundation stage teachers, in September your child’s education will pick up where we left off. No child is expected to have reached certain milestones as every child develops in their own rate. In the foundation stage (reception) your child will still be learning through planned play activities where they will become more independent learners.